What is MK-2866 Ostarine?

If you’ve read or heard anything about SARMs in the past few years then you’ve probably come across the word “Ostarine” or even “MK-2866” more than a few times.

That’s because for juicers it is one of the most effective and safest amongst other SARMs available on the market today.

It’s great for cutting and enhancing muscle mass. It has also been heavily researched and is one of the least dangerous SARMs to use.

So what does MK-2866 Ostarine do and how does it do it? Keep scrolling just what is MK-2866 Ostarine and how it’s taken over the industry.

The Birth of MK-2886 Ostarine

In 1997 the company GTx (another nickname for Ostarine) was founded in Memphis, Tennessee. They had gained the rights to do research on enobosarm. It was intended to be a therapeutic aid for cancer patients to prevent the wasting away of muscle. 

In 2007 enobosarm was in a Phase II and even made it to a Phase III clinical trial in 2011. To date it is the only SARM to make it so far in a human clinical trial. Which is probably why the leading manufacturers are selling it so fast

How Does MK-2866 Ostarine Work?

Ostarine works similarly to testosterone but with much less adverse side effects.

Ostarine will seek out specific androgen receptors in muscle tissue and bone tissue and bind to them.  These receptors receive steroidal hormone information.

When these receptors are stimulated, Ostarine imitates testosterones activity in the body.

This means it acts similar to a testosterone cycle but without the adverse DHT or estrogen side effects.

It’s similar to Andarine and often confused for it chemically. Just don’t tell GTx that because they’re very adamant in letting you know the two are not the same and have yet to disclose MK-2886’s chemical structure. However they both bode exceptionally well in terms of biodiversity.

What is Ostarine’s Effects on the Body?

Because Ostarine’s has mainly been studied for it’s aid in preventing muscle wasting and dystrophy it’s main effect that users see is an exceptional increase in muscle mass.

Keep it Lean

Many builders cut with Ostarine because it’s had so many successful human clinical trials. In one specific case they gave a group of elderly individuals a low dose for 3 months.

They found that everyone who had participated gained leaned muscles mass and had all around improved levels of fitness.

Keep Your Gains

Another reason users keep cutting with Ostarine is its unique ability that allows you to actually keep on the muscle you gained. During a 12-week cycle builders found they lost very little of the muscle mass they accumulated throughout this period. This makes it a prime supplement to use for post PCT or for an off-steroid cycle.

Bone Improvement

As the aging process commences bone density becomes weekend. Testosterone works to protect bone tissue, and as we make less of it as we get older the less protected they will become. Because of Ostarine’s testosterone-like qualities it will promote bone strength and density and reduces the chance of fractures or other bone related pains.

Insulin Information

There are a lot of diabetes drugs on the market – but Ostarine is looking good to be a safer alternative to all of them. Ostarine will not only reduce blood sugar levels but improve upon insulin resistance as well. 


Like any SARM it is recommended to start with low doses to see its effects on your body and then gradually increase it to customize your stack.

It is also available in a capsule or liquid form for your preferred method of dosing. If you want further info on how you should take MK-2866 Ostarine contact an industry professional.

One advantage of Ostarine however is it has the ability to be tolerated by extremely healthy when you do increase your dosage. 

For men the recommended dose to start with 25mg a day for a cutting cycle. In women the suggested dose is 10mg per day. A typical Ostarine building cycle should last about 12 weeks long.

Lower these doses you are going through a cycle of body recomposition – as you do not want anything to mess up the progress you have made.

Because Ostarine boasts such a ample profile it can be easily stacked with other SARMs or even anabolic steroids with little negative side effects. For this reason it is also great to use as a drug for PCT or in between other cycles to keep and maintain your gains.

Side Effects

Like with any drug or performance enhancer Ostarine does have some side effects. However all the ones that have been reported have concluded them as either mild or temporary.

Some builders have experienced back pain, a decrease in energy, or sometimes nausea. Some have also claimed they experienced headaches or had an acne outbreak – but that could have been caused by other elements and not just the Ostarine on its own.

If you’re a woman you may experience menstrual imbalance if you use above the recommended dose. 

Wrapping Up

If you plan on using SARM or any kind of other supplement be sure to talk to a coach or health care professional first and only purchase from a reputable supplier. 

However the advancement of Ostarine is a huge win for the SARMs and building community. It can fit into any bodybuilding regime and is effective in any stage. Whether it’s bulking, cutting, PCT or body recomp – Ostarine can enhance your progress with minimal adverse side effects.

Plus, it allows you to gain clean hard muscle and keep it there even when your cycle is over. Additionally you can stack it with other SARMs or anabolics no problem.

So, if you’re looking to start building or are new to the world of SARMs starting a cycle with Ostarine may be your best way to go!