What is Ibutamoren Used For?

I’m constantly trying to improve my body. I feel that there are three things I must do to keep myself where I want to be. I must eat right, workout daily, and cycle with SARMs. It’s important to see just how great these drugs are for your body. Many people don’t realize that there are many benefits to taking them. One of my favorites happens to be MK-677 Ibutamoren. It literally packs one hell of a punch.

SARMs stand for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are really selective in what they do. They will only attach to your androgen receptors (male hormones). When this happens, it triggers your muscles to begin to grow. The greatest thing about these compounds is that even though they offer the same advantages as anabolic steroids, they do NOT give you the awful side effects. This is why I choose SARMs every time. I can use them in a bulking, cutting, or body re-composition phase. 

In this post, my goal is to tell you all about MK-677. I will go over the uses, the benefits, and a typical cycle. By the time you reach the end of this, you will know exactly what to expect from your first cycle.

What is Ibutamoren?

So, Ibutamoren actually helps start the secretion of essential growth hormones. These hormones are actually responsible for lean muscle growth. What’s even more awesome is that it will literally help you maintain your muscle mass during your workout. Plus, it will help to produce the hormones that are missing from your body and they are essential to growth.

How Ibutamoren Works

So, MK-677 works as a Growth Hormone Secretagogue. This is how it produces ghrelin. Ghrelin will even help begin the process of secreting other hormones as well. 

Because of this process, you will notice some pretty remarkable things. For me, I immediately feel a rise in my energy levels. I even feel way more active and stay in a great mood. Plus, with my cycle of MK-677, I never saw my testosterone levels being out of balance. They were never too high nor too low. For this reason, I can say that this SARM did not create any problems with my testosterone levels. This definitely helps to relieve any worry you may have about this compound.

SARMs Benefits: Ibutamoren

I can honestly say that I benefit a lot from cycling with Ibutamoren. Everyone’s experience will be different but these are all of the perks that I get from using it. Most bodybuilders feel the same way.

  • Lean Muscle Mass: So, for me, one of the biggest differences I notice from using MK-677 is in my muscle gain. You can literally tell a difference after about a week of being on it. I literally feel the bulk in my arms and my chest. 
  • Energy Boost: Okay, so clearly I notice a huge difference in my energy level. I can workout twice as hard as I normally do. 
  • Sleep So Much Better: I work out for way longer than I do without it. That said, I sleep deeper and better with it. When I wake up, I feel great and I am ready to start my day.
  • Improved Mood: So when I cycle with Ibutamoren, my mood is so much better. I always feel really good and I’m in a happy mindset. What’s more, the people around me also notice this change and compliment me on it.
  • Maintain Your Muscle Mass: With Ibutamoren, I don’t lose any of the muscle mass I gain. There is literally no muscle loss from any part of me. I feel a lot more bulk because of this.
  • Skin & Hair Quality Improves: My hair is a lot shinier because of this SARM. I also notice that I do not have any acne when taking MK-677. Plus, my skin feels really soft.

Dosage & Cycle for MK-677

It is really important to realize that if you’re a beginner, you should always begin slowly with your dosage. 

When I began taking Ibutamoren, I initially took 10mg/day. Some people may think that it is a little low. But I feel it’s important to start at 10mg and work your way up once you see how it works in your body.

After two weeks in my cycle, I made the decision to up my dose to 20mg/day. I am able to increase my workout ability and the length of the workout as well.

My cycle with Ibutamoren is 8 weeks long. At the end of the 8 weeks, I am very impressed with the results. This is because I can see that all of my hard work really pays off. I feel really successful.

It’s important to realize that you will need a PCT (Post Cyclic Therapy) after taking this SARM. The same is true about a lot of SARMs that I take. I prefer a PCT cycle after I use any compounds. This is because it will help my body get its natural hormones back to their normal levels. However, everyone’s body is different. Some may not need a PCT afterward. This will be up to you and your trainer.

Where to Find SARMs Like Ibutamoren

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