What is Fenugreek?

Let’s face it, finding a healthy, safe, dietary supplement can be quite the task. The truth is, there is an unreal amount of options available currently. What’s more, many of them do not have sufficient evidence to back their claim. Without a doubt, we at Alpha Addicts know you need to know which supplement to choose. So after some extensive research, we have found the missing link. The name of this supplement is Fenugreek. It happens to be an “old school” veteran, with its use dating back hundreds of years ago in ancient medicinal recipes. Clearly, not everyone has heard of this ancient secret of the gods. But research concludes it has some amazing health benefits.

In this article, Alpha Addicts will be your guide into everything there is to know about Fenugreek. This includes what it actually is, how it will help you, and where to get this ancient remedy.

What is Fenugreek?

This ancient herb hails from the Mediterranean and parts of Europe and Asia. Of course, while it is not well known in North America, it is a familiar ingredient in plenty of Indian dishes. You will discover that Fenugreek seed happens to be in curries, Indian 5-spices, and even Garam Masala. Moreover, there are a lot of people in India that consume the leaf of the plant as a vegetable.

There are three main parts to this plant. These parts include the green leaves, a white flower, and the internal seeds. While you will find that all of these parts have health benefits, you will discover the most useful part is in fact, the seeds.

Obviously, Fenugreek plays a role in many alternative and ancient medicinal recipes. But truly, you will discover them in many more places than you would expect. Typically, it is found in Indian cuisines and curries. But what’s even cooler, is that many shampoos and soaps use it as a thickening agent. Incredibly, this seed has a ton of uses.

The Benefits of Fenugreek

Although this herb is delectable as a cooking spice, there are many reasons people tend to include this in their diet. Fenugreek actually helps people with Type 1 Diabetes. It literally works to reduce blood sugar and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. This herb also plays an important role in helping a ton of digestive issues. It is the antidote for an upset stomach. Plus, it will help with your appetite.

Interestingly, taking a daily dose will curb your appetite. That means if it is hard for you to stay away from sweets between workouts, this can really help you to control those cravings. There are also studies that prove Fenugreek will reduce inflammation. Even people with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can benefit greatly from Fenugreek.

How Does Fenugreek Help Me in the Gym?

One of the greatest things about Fenugreek is that it is a testosterone booster. There was a study on the impact of college-age men using Fenugreek to possibly enhance their testosterone production. There were two individual test groups that would lift weights 4 times a week for a 30-day period.

In the troop without Fenugreek, they saw a decrease in testosterone levels. However, in the group ingesting 500mg per day, they saw an increase in those levels! What’s more, there was actually a 2% decrease in body fat. While taking Fenugreek, some men report an enhancement in libido and sexual performance.

Interestingly, during a 6-week period, a group of researchers administered a 600mg dose per day of the herb to a group of men. Many of the individuals stated that they had an increase in strength and sexual performance. 

Possible Side Effects of Fenugreek

As with any supplement, there are some possible side effects. However, these are quite minuscule. As we have already stated, many people experience a loss of appetite. However, this is generally a great thing. But, in some cases, there may be someone who needs to know of this. This rings true for those who battle an eating disorder.

You should always check with your doctor before adding Fenugreek to your regiment. Especially if you currently take diabetes medication or any other medication to control your cholesterol or blood sugar. For many people, though, it is perfectly harmless. and it has plenty of benefits whether you are a gym rat or not.

Where to Buy Fenugreek

So, you know what this powerful herb is all about, but you definitely want to use it as more than just a spice in your food. Honestly, you can’t get a daily dose that way. This is why most people prefer to take it as a supplement. 

At Alpha Addicts, we know what you are looking for. You deserve what’s possible with the benefits and uses of Fenugreek when aging and working out.

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