The Best Fitness Gadgets of 2020

When we hear the phrase “future proof” we often think of it in terms of lifestyle tech. How many smart bulbs should you invest in, should your ride be electric, etc? However, how are you going to enjoy your future proof house if your body isn’t 2020 compatible?!

That’s why we headed to CES 2020 this year: to give you all the info you need on the latest and greatest in health and fitness gadgets to inspire your #workoutgoals for a new year and new you.

Currently we’re seeing a huge spike in the popularity of health, wellness, and working out in general. This was even more evident by the vast amount of fitness tech we’ve seen at the Consumer Electronics Show in the past few years.

Plus we’ve included even some of the latest that may not be the greatest so you know what products to not invest in. Working out and getting your gains shouldn’t be complicated or necessarily difficult, and if what we saw at CES, in 2020 it won’t be. 

No Yogi? No Problem

Having difficulty finding a Yogi that can properly align your chakras and keep your Chi intact? Or maybe you don’t have the time to twist your body into a pretzel anymore? If so don’t fret, because YogiFi has developed the world’s first Smart Yoga Mat. YogiFi is an AI-powered Yoga Mat and personal yoga instructor. Through interactive voice assist your YogiFi can lead you through personalized sessions and even correct your posture in real time. Plus the app allows you to join a live streaming class and sessions for any level of expertise. 

Never Miss Leg Day

If you work a 9-5 desk job or spending your day taking online classes, it means you’re probably sitting for the majority of that time. If you’re also commuting, that means even less time to get in your daily exercise. Plus after a long day and depending on your job (okay, any job) you may find yourself being too tired or not having enough time to get your daily exercise in. That’s where the Cubii Go comes in – it’s a mini elliptical machine that fits easily under any desk to keep you moving and active even when you’re sitting. Plus this version is even more lightweight, smaller, and has a handle that makes it extremely easy to carry around. Don’t forget to download their app to track your workout progress and achieve your goals. 

Stop the Roid Rage

One extremely compelling health “gadget” we saw this year was from Swole AF Labs. You’ve probably seen someone on steroids before; either working out or freaking out. That’s because steroids are incredibly unsafe, but still incredibly popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. Swole AF Labs have cut out all the crap that gives roids their bad rap and are supplying building enthusiasts with something more selective – SARMs. SARMs selectively target muscle tissue and controls your gains and cuts as opposed to regular steroids which can randomize results and wreak havoc in your body. They are still in a grey area legally but they don’t have to be injected and the evidence that they are safer than steroids and will help you lose weight and gain muscle is strong. 

Full Mouth Health

If you’re tired of constantly going to the dentist, or need to seriously upgrade your toothbrush game then the Oral-B iO may be the brush for you. Paired with an AI app and Bluetooth, your toothbrush will not only analyze your brushing patterns, it will tell you how to improve upon them as well by giving you feedback on pressure, coverage, and your individual progress over time. When using the app it will also show you what parts of your mouth still need to be cleaned in real-time. 

One Smart Step for Man…

You and all your friends and relatives are probably wearing some kind of fitness device or tracker on their wrist. Wearable fitness devices have become all the rage recently because of their relative ease of use. But what if you could track your steps with your actual shoes? Well that’s exactly what NURVV wants you to do with their smart NURVV Run Insoles & Trackers. With 32 precision sensors in each insole you’ll be able to capture 1,000 performance metrics a second. With 99.9% accuracy you’ll be able measure your distance and pace. Plus with their app you’ll be able to get a personalized coaching session based on your data to improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury.

To Wrap Up…

The future of health and fitness tech in 2020 looks incredibly promising. We have a safer alternative to steroids in the form of SARMs and even swimming goggles so you can watch movies that will leave you breathless (we’re trying to let that one go, promise). However since a lot of this tech is so new it is recommended you consult with a trusted healthcare professional before doing anything that could alter your health and prevent you from enjoying the future.