Liquid vs Capsule SARMs? Which is Better?

If you’ve been cutting or stacking with Liquid vs Capsule SARMs or have been wanting to get into the SARMs game you’ve probably noticed that they come in two different forms.

Most SARMs brands will carry two different versions of their most popular SARMs: a liquid and a capsule version. 

You have probably also without a doubt come across forums, blogs, or read in a comments section about the benefits of one over the other. 

However – be wary when reading user comments online. You wouldn’t trust a profile on a dating website with an obvious fake profile picture (or none at all), and the same precaution should be taken with supplements too.

Most of the time posts or commentors will claim miraculous advantages of either variation. Either that, or they will spout negative jargon about one or the other without having scientific or personal findings to back them up. 

Sometimes this may be a case of someone just being misinformed and in others it could just be regular pathetic trolling. More often though it will be an individual from a rival company trying to dissuade you from a brand or product.

Luckily, this is pretty easy to spot when it happens.

By now you are probably asking: What is the difference between liquid and capsule SARMs? How do you take them? Which one is better for your gains? 

Well keep scrolling because we have all the info you need and more below.

Liquid vs Capsule SARMs: The Basics

So first thing’s first – all SARM start their lives as raw ingredients in the form of powder. In fact, it is this raw powder form of SARMs that’s delivered to your favorite supplier. 

Once it is delivered to your SARMs supplier it is their decision how they choose to deliver it – whether in liquid, capsule, or even tablet forms. 

So now’s the part where we get into the legality of things – buying SARMs is still a grey area. However there are legit suppliers of SARMs and many of them can legally sell them for “research purposes”. This then makes those using them (ie, you) a “research subject”.

When we receive capsules of things we immediately think of them as medicine. Either that or we think there needs to be some sort of daily recommended dose that we need to take with a balanced meal, etc.

This is where that grey area comes in – because SARMs aren’t FDA approved for dietary use it may look a little sketchy for your supplier to highlight their product when it looks like a fun trendy supplement (which the FDA definitely doesn’t want).

This isn’t just in the SARMs industry – many companies won’t choose capsules for their ingestible products because it will always look fishy from a legal perspective.

Liquid SARMs aren’t completely legal or banned either – but they at least don’t look dangerous. When offering liquid SARMs manufacturers are basically trying to cover their bases from a legal standpoint. Liquid SARMs at least don’t look fun, and therefore can be perceived as serious workout enhancers – not a fun pill for recreational use. 

It may also be the case that the supplier already obtains their research chemicals in liquid form, however this is incredibly unlikely. 

Liquids – 1
Capsules – 0

Liquid vs Capsule SARMs: Measuring

One area where liquid SARMs will trump capsules is in their measuring ability. As with most liquids, measuring them to exact yields and amounts is far easier than getting exact measurements for things in a solid state (or in this case, capsules and tablets). 

Liquid SARMs measured with a dropper allow for more precise doses which are better suited for those who know their body’s limitations. It also makes it easier to put into protein shakes or pre-workout drinks because you’ll know you’ll always be getting the same amount every time you train. 

Capsules will always come in the same doses – this is typically 5mg for any given SARM. Now lets say a professional has recommended you a safe SARMs dose of 8mg. Splitting and grinding capsules or tablets to be exactly 8mg can be excruciatingly difficult. Plus at the end of your cycle you may be left with an odd amount or even not enough – which can also be a waste of money. Especially when you consider how much easier it is to measure precisely 8mg of the same thing in a liquid format. 

Liquids – 2
Capsules – 0

Liquid vs Capsule SARMs: Digestion

In terms of digestive ease, SARMs in liquid format seem to be the preferred method as well.

Firstly, because there are many people who just have trouble swallowing pills in tablets in general. The ability to put them in a drink or not have to feel the texture of a capsule can be far more appealing to the swallowing-impaired.

Secondly, there are also many people who have digestive problems, intolerances, or even illnesses related to digestion. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, and Diverticulitis are all digestive related conditions that may be affected by swallowing any kind of capsule or tablet – not just SARMs.

This makes liquid SARMs also more appealing. Any kind of digestive discomfort can greatly affect your gym performance (or in some cases your quality of life). So for builders looking for a (semi)-painless session, liquid seems to be the way to go.

Liquids – 3
Capsules – 0

Liquid vs Capsule SARMs: Transportation

One disadvantage liquid SARMs have to their capsule counterparts is the ease of transportation. Typically shipping capsules or any substance is a lot less expensive because the product and packaging weigh far less.

Since liquids are typically transported in glass they require more measures to be packaged safely, which increases shipping costs. Plus shipping a lot of glassware at once can also lead to more damages to the product, especially if packages have been mishandled or treated roughly by postal employees or even customs. Which can be incredibly disheartening to open after waiting anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for your SARMs depending on where you got them from.

This results in a process of the most annoying proportions. Since SARMs aren’t exactly the most legal, it can be difficult getting a refund for damaged products. You can either try to get a refund from your supplier – who no doubt will tell you it was the post office or carrier who damaged your goods. 

You can then submit proofs of damage and fill out forms to get validation of your damaged product from your mail carrier. However this can lead to two problems: 1) more elongated wait times for your SARMs and 2) inquiries from postal or even legal authorities about the nature and use of the FDA unapproved product you’re trying to obtain. Although claiming “research purposes” is the way to get out of the latter it doesn’t make the refund process any quicker. 

It’s also worth noting that when/if you do get your refund it will probably be shipped and handled in a similar manner – an incredibly breakable glass vial. So if you want to reduce risk and wait-times, capsules may be the way to go.

Liquids – 3
Capsules – 1

Liquid vs Capsule SARMs: Bio-Availability

Remember earlier when we mentioned that there’s a lot of misinformation about SARMs all over the Internet? Most of it stems from misconceptions surrounding bio-availability.

Many health blogs claim that liquid supplements are absorbed faster or better than their capsule counterparts.However these claims are totally fake news. The bio-availability of liquids vs capsules totally depends on the person and their overall digestive health. Think about it, if liquids did have faster absorption rates then every vitamin and supplement you see at the pharmacy would only be available in liquids instead of the rows of capsules that are currently there.

However, it should be noted that depending on the food you’re taking SARMs with, some of the beneficial qualities of the SARMs in liquid form have an opportunity to be absorbed by the substance. This means that some of their properties may be lessened or non-existent when you begin your workout routine.

Capsules are designed to break down over a longer period of time with harder impact. This means the beneficial ingredients of the SARMs are fully absorbed by your system and won’t be hindered by the food you take it with. It also lessens the risk of the liquid coming into contact with gastric acid and creating digestive problems for those that are predisposed to them. 

Liquids – 3
Capsules – 2

Liquid vs Capsule SARMs: Additives

A big factor a lot of people consider when purchasing anything they consume is the amount of additives it contains.

In food the word “additives” has a negative connotation. Generally when you hear the word “additive” you immediately think your product isn’t pure or 100% what it claims to be. For the most part however food “additives” might just be natural preservation elements that prolong shelf life, food coloring, or even just flavoring or spice mixtures.

For SARMS it’s much the same – both liquid and capsule SARMs will contain flavor additives to mask the unpleasant naturally occurring smells or tastes of the compound.

It’s to be noted that liquid SARMs are often suspended in grain alcohol. It’s a misconception that this is due to bioavailability or ease of absorption. In fact SARMs are suspended in grain alcohol because they’re only partially soluble in it as opposed to other liquids which are more ideal for storage and lengthy transports. Grain alcohol is also an attractive choice for this since it is legal and can be obtained easily. 

Some companies have even tried other means of suspending including vodka and even Kool Aid (yes, even Kool Aid…) and have found they don’t work at all (re; Kool Aid) or they’re completely soluble in other liquids. So with that in mind your capsule SARMs will be totally pure – whereas liquid ones will have been partially absolved by the grain alcohol (but that percent is incredibly, incredibly low).

If grain alcohol isn’t your thing – or you don’t want your SARMs tasting like a Vanilla Bean latte then maybe it’s time to supplement with capsules.

Liquids – 3
Capsules – 3

Liquid vs Capsule SARMs: Shelf Life

So far we’re all tied up – but if you are a team capsule so far I have some good news for you…

There are a few reasons why the general consensus believes capsules have a longer shelf life. Firstly, if you paid attention to elementary school science then you’re probably well aware that liquid has a tendency to evaporate.

This means that even if you buy a huge bulk supply of liquid SARMs, science may run its course and you may find yourself with less liquid gold than you anticipated.

It’s also worth noting that after a while the flavoring (if any) or even the grain alcohol could start to smell rancid overtime and may be even more appealing to digest.

Active ingredients, of any kind of supplement, can also naturally lose strength if suspended in any kind of liquid for long periods of time.

Capsules one the other hand have a shelf life of almost 2 years! Although it is not recommended ingesting anything that’s been sitting in your cupboard for almost 2 years, it is more than likely your capsule SARMs will still be potent. Although they might disintegrate into their raw powder form just by looking at them.

Liquids – 3
Capsules – 4

So, What Should I Cut or Stack With?

We may have been keeping score this whole time but the points actually matter!

In the battle of Liquid vs Capsule SARMs the choice is yours really. Capsules will last longer and probably have more potency. However the liquid version can be easier to take and allows for more control of the substance. 

If you’re looking to gain muscle we recommend this stack or one in similar in your preferred method:

  • 10mg of LGD-4033
  • 10mg of RAD-140
  • 10mg of YK-11
  • 15mg of MK-2866
  • 50MG of Laxogenin

If you’re looking for stacks to cut your fat, you can’t go wrong with this combo:

  • 25mg of Cardarine
  • 50mg of Andarine
  • 50mg of Ostarine

Again, the way you take them is entirely up to you. Make sure you are purchasing your SARMs from an accredited online source like

Wrapping Up

SARMs can be taken in both liquid and capsule formats because both are equally as effective. If you’re still unsure which method is right for you then the best way to figure it out is to simply ask. Don’t rely on a message board though. Ask a fellow builder, coach, gym buddy, or a personal acquaintance who you know are using them. You might even be able to get a deal if you start ordering in bulk together.

Keep in mind that SARMs still aren’t FDA approved and should be used under the recommendation of a professional. It was mentioned earlier that SARMs should only be acquired through accredited online sources – and that’s because there are many scammers selling placebo SARMs – in both liquid and capsules. 

It’s also important to pace yourself when using SARMs. You won’t be seeing results right away so you may think you need to take more sooner – but absolutely do not as this can be incredibly dangerous and cause damage or halt your progress. Typically users will start seeing results a few weeks in, so with anything when it comes to fitness be consistent, be patient, and then watch as others gawk at your hard clean gains.