Legal (Safe) SARMs Alternative

Are you looking for a way to build muscle in the quickest way possible? Then look no further than a SARMs alternative. These days, there are a lot of people that are in favor of performance-enhancing drugs to help them build muscles quicker. However, other folks are using SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) instead of them. SARMs work by broadening the number of androgens in the body. Androgens are male hormones. The amount of androgens actually amplifies lean muscle growth. 

However, all of that comes with a price. SARMs are illegal in sport. Since 2008, they have been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Now, I know you are asking, “what other options do I have?” The answer to that is simple. There is a vast amount of them to choose from, too. Alpha Addicts has put together a list of legal (safe) SARMs alternatives.

Vitamin D

When you step out in the sun today, I want you to recognize that Vitamin D absorption is literally helping you! This is true especially if you are trying to build muscle. Vitamin D will help to trigger muscle growth. At the University of Birmingham, researchers actually found that athletes who have higher levels of active Vitamin D also have a higher muscle mass.

Interestingly, there is also a relationship between testosterone levels and Vitamin D levels. Clearly, testosterone is known to initiate muscle growth.  Moreover, there has been a study on the effects of Vitamin D. In it they found an increase of up to 20% in people who took a minimum of 3300 IU of Vitamin D daily. What is great is that if you stay in the sun for at least 15 minutes per day, you will get a good dose of Vitamin D. You can even look for Vitamin D supplements in local health or grocery stores!


Here is another alternative. It goes by the name Fenugreek. It is an ingredient primarily for Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.  What’s more, is the fact that it has an array of desirable health benefits.

Fenugreek will increase your testosterone production and muscle growth. One study actually found out that 500mg of Fenugreek has a “significant impact on both upper- and lower- body strength and body composition.” These were the results when analyzing two individual groups performing the exact same exercises.

This ingredient is usually bought as a supplement. However, you can also simply cook with the spice.  This is an incredible SARMs alternative. Obviously, it will also be an excellent addition to daily supplement intake.

Cistanche Deserticola

So, the name might throw you off, it’s true. However, it is certainly worth knowing what Cistanche Deserticola’s abilities are. This extract has quite a few health advantages that will really impact your workouts. Clearly, just like many items on this list, it will help to increase your testosterone levels. Next, it will help you when you start tiring at the gym. This means you can go H.A.M. for way longer. 

Finally, Cistanche Deserticola will help you with recovery. Research shows that it aids in slowing the production of lactic acid. What does that mean for you? You will not be near as sore, and you will even return to your workout sooner. This is important to keeping your gains and not just leveling when you are near your max. And truly, at Alpha Addicts, we don’t know one person who doesn’t want to hurt less the next day. This is achievable with this SARMs alternative.

Ashwagandha Root

Another ancient Indian medicinal mystery is Ashwagandha Root. The classification of this root is known as an adaptogen. This means it can help you manage a true struggle. It will handle the stress in your body. The way it achieves this is by lowering cortisol It can actually reduce it by up to 30% in some people.

It does all this plus it increases testosterone levels as well as enhancing both strength and muscle mass. Ashwagandha Root is relatively harmless for most people. Plus, it is readily available. The regular dose is anywhere between 450-500mg per day and it should be the most you need. You can find this SARMs alternative at any supplement retailer in capsule form. However, if you want to do it the classic way, you can always drink the powder mixed in milk.

Safflower Seed Extract

There are multiple health benefits within the Safflower seed Extract. What is so great is that it is also chock full of CLA. CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid. It actually ties in with reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, and even fighting off cancer. CLA comes from a variety of sources. It happens to be a natural omega-6 fatty acid that is within a lot of vegetable oils.

When it comes to a healthy heart, Safflower Seed Extract is undeniably the best, especially in comparison to other CLA-rich fats. There have been clinical trials where researchers found that when going up against alternative fats, Safflower did a better job of decreasing total cholesterol and LDL! 

This SARMs alternative is taken by itself, or you can even prepare it in a meal you make at home. It will all depend on the type you buy.

Best Legal (Safe) SARMs Alternative

Here at Alpha Addicts, we know you are looking to boost certain things. Things like testosterone, energy, stamina, recovery, and relaxation. We know you are ready to feel explosive energy and regain confidence. And at Alpha Addicts, we know that the benefits and uses for Immortal AF when bodybuilding are intense!

Immortal AF is the best SARMs alternative because it has ingredients like the ones that we mention above. Things like Fenugreek and Ashwagandha Root. This makes for a powerful combo.

At Alpha Addicts, we believe you should be living your best life. This is attainable with Immortal AF. THE SARMs ALTERNATIVE.