How to Find Legit SARMs

Find Legit SARMs

So you’ve asked all your gym buddies about legit SARMs, read everything there is to read on the Internet about them, and maybe even are creating your cutting and bulking schedules for the next few months based on them.

There’s only one problem…

…you don’t know where to get quality SARMs, y’know, legitimately.

There are tons of things you should be wary of when finding legitimate SARMs. No one wants to spend a ton of money on a product that doesn’t work, isn’t the best quality, or even worse a dangerous knockoff.

You wouldn’t buy a bootleg smartphone to impress your friends, so a fake product for your gains isn’t going to impress anyone either. 

Back in the day supplement supply stores couldn’t move SARMs at all, and now FDA regulations make it so you can only obtain them for “research purposes only” making it next to impossible to find legitimate SARMs online, for a decent price, and won’t get you put on some sketchy government list.

Keep scrolling for all the info you need on how to navigate the world wide web for the highest quality SARMs for your highest quality gains yet.

SARMs Online Challenges

It used to be the case that you could do a quick search and head to your nearest supplement store to get SARMs from the first result you pulled. Unfortunately the FDA has made that next to impossible. 

Doing a quick online search for SARMs and buying from the first link you see can be super sketchy. Their may be the #1 ranking on Google for a variety of algorithmic reasons, and not because they’re legit suppliers.

A lot of frauds will try to sell you super expensive products that pass for SARMs but can be laced with dangerous toxic materials.

Because of this and the law, it’s also impossible to bring your product into a lab to see if your SARMs are pure or not.

You should always head to a forum or ask a good gym bro who’s been dosing for a while about their recommendations so you don’t waste money on something that won’t work or potentially send you to a hospital.

SARMs Shipping Challenges

If you live in the U.S., Canada or Europe and want to start dosing you’re in luck! Most legit SARMs dealers are based in these countries – but few will actually ship worldwide.

And only a select few will offer shipping that’s not only fast, but discrete too. Reliable suppliers like Swole AF Labs can easily do this for you.

Australians or South Africans looking for legitimate doses should contact whichever online supplier they found about shipping rates (we know Aussies always get screwed over when it comes to shipping rates). Or better yet, ask around about a local supplier.

SARMs Customs Challenges

So you decided that the Yugoslavian SARMs you found are legit  and their shipping rates bode well with your budget. You’ve determined when your diet and cycles will start and are eagerly waiting for your product…

…and waiting…

…and waiting…

…until finally you get a letter from customs telling you your package has been confiscated or sent to a lab for further investigation. 

This situation is by far the worst because it means you aren’t getting refunded for anything – not even the expensive overseas shipping.

This is because SARMs are only legal “for research purposes” only, and not legally meant for human consumption (despite them being way safer than steroids).

To counter this a lot of SARMs suppliers will label their products as a food product or something that looks plain and safe.

However this still doesn’t always matter to customs, so you although you may get one package from your supplier, there’s never a guarantee you’ll get subsequent ones. 

To counter this make absolutely sure your supplier will resend packages that may be confiscated or offer a refund with the appropriate proof that your items didn’t arrive.

SARMs Counterfeit Challenges

You’ve probably guessed that like anything these days there are a lot of counterfeit SARMs out there. And like most bootlegs, a lot of the illegitimate ones come from China.

So if you’re searching for SARMs and come across a supply with shipping rates that seem too good to be true – they probably are!

A lot of the SARMs from China are being cut with things that either won’t do anything for you or will severely hinder your overall health.

SARMs take a while to take effect and work a lot slower than anabolics. Even Ostarine can take up to a few weeks before you start seeing results.

If you’re bulking up wayyy too fast, you may be taking steroids disguised as SARMs.

There are also other ways to determine if your product is bunk, and that is if you’re experiencing symptoms unrelated to SARMs.

This includes acne, high blood pressure, severe cramps, and extremely dark urine. If any of this is happening to you, or your hormones feel all over the place stop taking what you’re taking immediately.

Always consult with someone before going through a major body change. Never skip out on PCT even if you want to.

Like anything, overdoing SARMs can be dangerous. Taking them in moderation and in exact amounts will yield the results you want!